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Ditch the negativity - Don't want to DO want!

negativity positivity reframe Oct 26, 2023

Change Your Focus - Change Your Life:
From Don't ❌ to Do ✅


In my strategy sessions with coaching clients

I've noticed an interesting pattern.

When I ask, "What's your ultimate goal?"

Most begin by describing what they don't want. 🚫

❌ "I don't like my current job."

❌ "I don't want to be in this relationship."

❌ "I don't want to be lost or lack confidence."

It's a common tendency to dwell on the negatives,

However, my focus is on what you do want. 🎯

I help clients reframe their thinking, set clear goals,

and take steps towards achieving them.

🤝 If you're ready to explore the power of a positive mindset...

...DM me and let's find out what you DO want!