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Being more easier than you think

fulfilment perspective Oct 23, 2023

Each time I'll take the dog out, I'll be telling myself,

I want to notice 3-5 more things today than I've noticed before.

And I will actively look around.

Even silly things like, I've not noticed that TV aerial on that particular chimney before.

Oh my God, they must have an open fire because there's actually smoke coming out of their chimney.

You know, just little things.

And I know it sounds inconsequential,

but it's not because it brings you into the present

and it makes you more aware of the present.

It's one of the reasons why I really enjoy

when it's raining but light rain, ☔️

I really enjoy taking the dog out

because we've got like this nature path 🌳

literally about 10 meters from the front door.

And it's brilliant because you can be in there,

in the rain, not getting wet, but you can still hear it,

you can still see it, the smells that are released

from it touching all of the trees, the leaves,

the undergrowth, that sort of stuff,

really absorbing that is, it's almost a form of meditation.

But it's just about being present in the current moment.

See, I told you it was easy!!! ✅